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We have expertise in drafting Wills, from simple Wills to those incorporating testamentary trusts and dealing with complex asset structures. Every adult should have a Will. If you die without a Will then legislation dictates (rather than you) how your estate will be divided. This division may not reflect your wishes. Please telephone us to arrange a consultation.
You should plan for the possibility that you may lose capacity one day. It may be without warning (eg. due to a car accident or illness). It is important that (while you are healthy) you appoint someone you trust to manage your legal and financial affairs if you lose capacity. The consequences of not doing so can be very stressful and expensive.
An enduring guardian is someone you can appoint to act on your behalf if you lose capacity to decide where you should live, what health care you should receive and to consent to you receiving medical and dental treatment. It is important to appoint an enduring guardian while you are healthy and have capacity to do so.  
A family provision claim is a claim made by an “eligible person” against a deceased person’s estate that “adequate provision for the proper maintenance, education or advancement in life” of the eligible person has not been made. If the claim is successful, the Court has power to make orders for provision out of the estate of the deceased person.