Contested Wills & Estates

Contested Wills

We assist clients with both contesting and defending Wills.

Some of the circumstances in which a deceased person’s Will can be contested include where:

Family Provision claims

A family provision claim is an application made against a deceased person’s estate by a person who claims that they did not receive “adequate provision” for their proper maintenance, education or advancement in life from the estate. 

A family provision claim may be brought against a deceased person’s estate irrespective of whether they had a valid Will in place.

Persons who are eligible to make a family provision claim against a deceased person’s estate include:

We assist clients with both bringing and defending family provision claims.

Construction of Wills

Where there is doubt as to the meaning or operation of a Will, an application can be made to the Supreme Court of New South Wales for advice as to the proper construction of a Will. We can assist clients with such applications.

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Previous cases

Some of the cases we have previously advised clients in include:

Contested Wills:
Family provision claims:
Construction of a Will: 
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